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[Loopa] 2.0 Asymmetrical 2-way T-shirt

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color: black

Loopa] 2.0 Asymmetrical 2-way Tee / Yoga Wear Tops T-shirt M

Asymmetrical cut for both fashion and body coverage

This arranged T-shirt has a tunic length and a knotted hem design, allowing you to enjoy two different ways of wearing it. When worn as a tunic T-shirt, the diagonal asymmetrical cut covers the hip area for a sleek look! Tie it at the slit to create a fluffy silhouette with a point at the waist. Cotton slub offers a subtle transparency, and the 100% cotton material has a texture that feels comfortable against the skin. The wide, dropped shoulders allow for a sleek look around the neck and arms! This T-shirt covers your body shape while also being fashionable and versatile.

About the product features

Tunic-length and hemmed T-shirt with a knot design for two ways to enjoy wearing it
Diagonal asymmetrical cut covers the hip area when worn as a tunic T-shirt
If you tie it with a slit, you can create a fluffy silhouette with a point at the waist.
The subtle transparency of the 100% cotton slub gives it a comfortable feel against the skin.
Wide, dropped shoulders for a sleek look around the neck and arms
Fashionable and versatile while covering up your body shape


I'm worried about my flabby stomach, so I tie the hem to cover it. The center line on the front makes the upper half of the body look clean, so even though it's simple, it covers a lot of body shape.

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■The above sizes are flat sizes.

Cotton slub (100% cotton)

Thickness: ★★☆☆☆
Transparency: Yes
Elasticity: Yes
Lining: None
Cup: None

Due to the characteristics of the material, it may shrink by 1-2 cm when it gets wet during washing. (Washing machine/dryer OK)