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気になる部分を体型カバーしてくれるヨガウェアをご紹介 - Loopa ルーパ 公式 ヨガウェア・フィットネスウェア

Introducing yoga wear that covers your body shape in areas of concern

Yoga wear is often designed to fit snugly for ease of movement, and we often hear people say that they are concerned about their stomachs, waists, hips, and other body shapes.

In this blog, we will introduce yoga wear that covers the parts of your body you are concerned about, such as your belly and arms, while still being fashionable and enjoyable.Loopas yoga wear that can cover up your belly, arms, and other body parts that are bothering you.


Yoga wear that covers the hip area

Tunics with excellent body coverage

The long tunic length that completely covers the hips softly wraps around the tree area and provides excellent body coverage. It also has a slimming effect, creating a sleek, vertical silhouette.

The tunic is also suitable for a variety of occasions.

Lupa Backcloth V-Neck Tunic


Ruched Long Tee


Loose hipline sarouel pants

The soft line covers the hip area.

2.0 sarouel pants

Tapered Yoga Pants

Yoga wear that covers your waist

High-waist type bottoms that completely hide your belly

The wide waist panel moderately restrains the lower stomach and reduces the visibility of a bulging belly that is bothering you. You can also wear them with a bralette or tank for a sleek and stylish look.

3DCompression Leg Leggings

Loopa Daily Yoga Leggings

Loose-fitting with a soft silhouetteTT-shirt with a fluffy silhouette

Designed to hide the waist comfortablyTThis shirt is designed to cover up the waist area, which is a concern. Pair it with leggings for a sleek, clean look.

Lupa Essential Yoga T-Shirt


Lupa Essential Yoga Top

Yoga wear that covers your arms.

Loose fit with relaxed wide sleevesTT-shirt

Loose fit with loose sleevesTThe shirt also covers the arms that are bothering you. The shoulder area is also easy to move around.


Backcloth 5/10 Sleeve Tee


Five-Quarter Sleeve Tunic Tee



How was it? If you are worried about your body shape, you will not be able to enjoy your yoga time. Let's enjoy practicing yoga while also having fun in a fashionable way by covering up the body shape that bothers you!

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