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\The total number of masks sold in the series has exceeded 100,000! / Masks

Face wear that breathes with ease

For those who want to wear a mask even when doing fitness or yoga

Nowadays, even gyms and yoga studios recommend wearing masks for social distance and hygiene reasons. These masks can be used for a wide range of daily and sports styles, made of quick-drying stretch fabric made in Japan, which is used for swimwear and sportswear.

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    SALE [LOOPA MASK] Silky Fine Mask Silky Fine Sports Mask

    Silky Fine Sports Mask / 1 (single item) LOOPA Made in Japan Water absorbent, quick drying, UV cut, swimwear material XS S MS M L (Kids Kids Kids J...

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  • [LOOPA MASK] シルキーファインスポーツマスク ひもタイプ(替えひも付)【F】/ スポーツマスク 抗菌・防臭加工 洗える 日本製 水着素材 UV SALE.

    [LOOPA MASK] Silky fine sports mask, string type (with replacement string)

    Silky fine sports mask / 1 piece (single item) LOOPA absorbs water, dries quickly, UV-cut, swimwear material, one size fits all We accept orders fr...

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  • [LOOPA MASK] スポーツマスク 3D ブリーズメッシュタイプ/ スポーツマスク 抗菌・防臭加工 洗える 日本製 水着素材 UV.
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    [LOOPA MASK] Sports mask 3D Breeze mesh type

    Sports mask 3D Breeze mesh type / 1 piece (single item) LOOPA Absorbent, quick-drying, UV-cut, swimwear material, free size, mesh under chin We acc...

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