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BASIC Collection

Basic wear for everyday life that is not influenced by the times or situations.
Simple designs that are easy to wear and easy to put on and take with you every day.

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    [Loopa] Cotton Stretch Yoga Pants

    Material and size have been renewed. Loopa Stretch Cotton Yoga Pants / Bottoms M L XL Solid Color Once you try them on, you can't stop! Blissful st...

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    [Loopa] Stretch Cotton Yoga Leggings

    New material/size: [Loopa] Stretch Cotton Yoga Leggings Loopa Stretch Cotton Yoga Leggings / Yoga Pants Bottoms M L XL Long leggings for a variet...

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    [Loopa] Yoga flow pants (three-quarter length)

    [Loopa] Yoga Flow Pants (3-Quarter Length) The standard yoga pants designed for ease of posing and movement "A pair designed for ease of movement. ...

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  • [Loopa] 魔法の美脚 ストレッチ ヨガパンツ レギンス カプリパンツ Stretch Yoga Pants V-front/ ヨガウェア ボトムス [A] 20_1.
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    Original price ¥7,150
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    [Loopa] Stretch Yoga Pants V-front

    Loopa Magic Legs Stretch Yoga Pants Leggings Capri Pants / Yoga Wear Bottoms S M L XL Black Pants Magical stretch yoga pants with beautiful legs A ...

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    [Loopa] 3/4 Sleeve Long Tee

    [Loopa] 3/4 Sleeve Long Tee / Yoga Wear T-Shirt Top M Stretch T-shirt made of contact-cooling material for a comfortable fit. A T-shirt in a basic...

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    Original price ¥3,080
    Current price ¥2,400

    [Loopa] Natural Fit Bra Top

    Loopa Natural Fit Bra Top / Sports Bra Yoga Innerwear S M L LL Cutting along the body holds the bust securely without slipping. The ideal bra top t...

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  • [Loopa] ルーパ リブニット レッグウォーマー Rib nit Leg warmers / スポーツインナー 靴下 [A] 20_2 - Loopa ルーパ 公式 ヨガウェア・フィットネスウェア
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    Original price ¥2,530
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    [Loopa] Rib Knit Leg Warmers

    Loopa Rib Knit Leg Warmers / Sports & Yoga Innerwear Thick knit leg warmers in 2-way style that can be used anytime Long knit leg warmers that can...

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    Original price ¥1,540
    Current price ¥1,400

    SALE [LOOPA MASK] Silky Fine Mask Silky Fine Sports Mask

    Silky Fine Sports Mask / 1 (single item) LOOPA Made in Japan Water absorbent, quick drying, UV cut, swimwear material XS S MS M L (Kids Kids Kids J...

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    Original price ¥4,400
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    [Loopa] V Neck Site Slit Tunic Tee

    Loopa Side Slit Tunic / Yoga Wear Tops M Naturally slimming! A long T-shirt that covers your figure! French sleeve design for slimming the arms. A ...

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  • [Loopa] Yバックタンクトップ 無地 Y-back Yoga tank top Plain / ヨガウェア ヨガトップス [A] 10_2.

    [Loopa] Y-back Yoga Tank Top Plain

    Loopa Y-back Tank Top Plain / Yoga Wear Tops M L A magical tank top with a Y-back that allows you to move your shoulders easily and shows off your ...

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  • [Loopa] コットンストレッチパンツ(Vフロント)Cotton stretch Yoga Pants V-front - Loopa ルーパ 公式 ヨガウェア・フィットネスウェア
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    Original price ¥7,150
    Current price ¥5,000

    [Loopa] Cotton Stretch Yoga Pants V-front

    [Loopa] Cotton Stretch Yoga Pants V-front Yoga Pants / Yoga Wear Bottoms M L Soft cotton stretch beautiful legs pants Beautiful leg stretch pants m...

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    [Loopa] Yoga Leg Warmers

    Loopa Leg Warmers / Sports Yoga Underwear Warms the ankles to increase metabolism, trenka type for easy movement These leg warmers are available in...

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    [Loopa] grip yoga socks

    Loopa Grip Yoga Socks / Socks 23cm 24cm 25cm 26cm 27cm For cold feet. Non-slip grip socks Product Features Feels almost like bare feet, so you ca...

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