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[Loopa] glove glove

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color: black

Loopa Glove

Comfortable glove with excellent fit and breathability to support comfortable training

About Product Features

Training glove with maximum grip
Excellent breathability to eliminate unwanted moisture
High cushioning to reduce hand pain and fatigue
Elasticity for a secure fit
Synthetic leather palm for increased durability


Gloves that control hand pain and protect against injury are used in a variety of sports. The stylish and cute design of these gloves will make you feel good just by wearing them.

Loopa's glove is a new women's training goods 21FW. These stylish fingerless gloves with excellent cushioning and breathability reduce hand pain and strain. Ideal for fitness, gym, weight lifting, bench press, trekking, yoga, hiking, biking, and all other sports as well as a supporter for strength training.

全長13.5cm / 甲幅8cm / 甲まわり17cm / はめ口(1周)15~19.5cm
全長14.5cm/ 甲幅9cm / 甲まわり19cm / はめ口(1周)16.5~21cm

【素材】表:ポリエステル80% エラスタン20%
裏:ポリウレタン50% ポリエステル50%