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ヨガウェア特集:おしゃれなカーディガン - Loopa ルーパ 公式 ヨガウェア・フィットネスウェア

Yoga Wear Special: Stylish Cardigans

Woven Cardigans for Yoga Time


Cardigans are convenient for quickly throwing on during the chilly season.Loopaalso offers a wide variety of shapes and colors.

We have a variety of items that are easy to move in, comfortable to the touch, and can be worn comfortably in everyday life.

Here are some cardigans that you can easily wear to and from the studio, during yoga class, at your desk at work, or while relaxing at home.


Stylish woven fabrics for town use

Relaxed Long Cardigan

Consistently worn from within the yoga studio to and from, as well as when you arrive home. It can also be worn comfortably as loungewear.

The long, loose-fitting silhouette allows you to cover your figure while staying stylish.


Dolman Cardigan


The stretchy material that seems to absorb into the skin moistly has a luxurious feel and is a recommended piece for yoga and fitness wear, as well as for the office and town scenes.

This cardigan has a beautiful rounded line from front to back. The sleeves are dolman sleeves and cover the arms. The back casually hides the hips from the waist to the hips for a stylish and attractive look.

Cache-coeur long-sleeved yoga top

For yoga lessons.Perfect for cold weather.It is easy to put on and take off, so it can be used as a cloak when it is chilly.

The belt threads allow you to keep a cute silhouette without the ribbon at the waist slipping out of place when you move. It can be layered over a camisole for a wider range of coordination.

The soft material gently wraps your bare skin, so it is also recommended as relaxing wear.

Draped Cardigan

Yoga wear that blends in with everyday life. This cardigan is soft to the touch and does not show the lines of the body.

The loose silhouette does not pick up the lines of the body and covers the body shape that is bothering you just by throwing it on.

The simple and stylish design can be used not only as a warming measure for sports activities such as yoga and fitness, but also for daily use and at the office.

The thin, soft, long knit sew can be used in all seasons regardless of the season.

Loose Sports Cardigan


A cardigan that can be easily worn over a bra top or tank.

The simple yet stylish switching silhouette with skill. The length hides up to the hips, allowing you to wear it with peace of mind. It is convenient to have one when it is chilly.


More Loopacardigans are here>>



How was it?Loopaoffers a wide variety of cardigans.

They can be used to regulate your body temperature when doing yoga, or as outerwear on your way to and from work.1It is a must-have item that is convenient when you have one.

Please give it a try.

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