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First purchase 15 % OFF
LOOK BOOK【vo.01】デイリーヨガレギンス ヨガウェア コーディネート - Loopa ルーパ 公式 ヨガウェア・フィットネスウェア

LOOK BOOK【vo.01】Daily Yoga Leggings Yoga Wear Coordination

Introducing the recommended coordination of
Daily Yoga Leggings by yoga brand Loopa Ambassador & Friends.

These leggings are not too tight and can enhance your style.
It is very popular not only for yoga, but also as training wear and gym muscle training wear.

 Ambassador Sayaka @sayaka_a6
Yoga instructor
Height 163cm

Yoga Double Cross Workout Bra Top×Daily Yoga Leggings

Bra top: Wearing size S
Leggings : Wearing size L



The design and colors are also cute, and the fact that they practice manufacturing with the SDGs and environmental conservation as the top priority is also a point that I recommend.

Loopa is a yoga/fitness brand that was born in 2004 and is characterized by its pursuit of ease of movement and comfort.

✔︎Only one design (no mass production)
✔︎Using natural dyes
✔︎Dried in the sun
✔︎ Uses recycled PET and natural materials

Yoga wear that you can wear comfortably.


Loopa's pastel colors blend in beautifully with nature. Light-colored clothing looks good on your face and blends well with your skin, giving you a healthy and bright impression.

 Ambassador Asami @mami0343__
Yoga Instructor

Daily yoga leggings

Leggings:M size

------ --------------


Smooth fabric
Firm fit
But not tight
This LOOPA leggings
make yoga even more comfortable

-------- ------------

Loopa is Daily yoga leggings have a good fit, but they are not constricting, and they are very comfortable in poses such as down dog, and you can stretch your body. You can enjoy yoga stress-free without discomfort.

Friends seika @seika__yoga
Yoga instructor

Daily yoga leggings×Y back tank

: M size wear



(Daily yoga leggings: Coral pink M size)
~ Cylindrical sewing with seams inside
Leggings that make your legs look neat and lengthy
・Smooth texture and soft comfort
that sticks to the skin
・Gentle compression without feeling constricted
・Quick-drying material that stays comfortable even when sweating


A bright color coordination that makes the surroundings brighter is wonderful. Daily yoga leggings also lift your hips and lengthen your legs, covering your body shape and showing off your style.

ERI @eri_anzai
Loopa model

Drawstring tunic T-shirt×Daily yoga leggings



Not only the wear, but also LOOPA
The material is really soft and perfect for yoga and training ♡
This top looks like everyday wear and is cute, isn't it


Pink daily yoga leggings look great with black tops
For yoga and training it's recommended.

How was it?
Actually, WEB Stass Shigeyama also loves and wears daily yoga leggings. It is also useful as a daily wear for going to and from the yoga studio by matching it with a shirt or tunic. You can use it very much even if you have it in different colors.
Please try it.

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