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[Loopa] Cotton Stretch Yoga Pants V-front

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color: black

[Loopa] Cotton Stretch Yoga Pants V-front Yoga Pants / Yoga Wear Bottoms M L

Soft cotton stretch beautiful legs pants

Beautiful leg stretch pants made of thick cotton material that feels great against the skin. Gentle to the touch without being sticky even when sweating. Ultra-stretch material that conforms to the skin for a 360-degree lean silhouette. The comfortable fit allows for ease of movement. A full range of colors is available, from calm basic colors to accent colors that enhance the sports scene. It is ideal for daily wear or relaxing wear depending on the occasion.

Powerful support for a hip lift! Moderate tightening of the thighs

Lifts up the hips just where you want to tighten, like a girdle, and holds the thigh area nicely. Deeply wraps around the hips and does not slip down even during strenuous activity, allowing you to concentrate on your sporting activities to the fullest. The V-front design around the stomach area is sleek. The knee position is high, and the flared line that lengthens the legs below the knees gives you a good look.

Outstanding elasticity & amazing durability!

LOOPA's original ultra-stretch fabric provides support only where it is needed, so it is as stress-free as if it were a part of your body. Even if you wear them for a long time, your knees will not show, and there is no worry about fluffing or fading. They will support your beautiful legs for a long time.

About the product features

Soft cotton material
High-compression legs for a slimmer look
Body shape coverage around the waist and hips
Excellent durability that will not lose its shape
Stretch material prevents shifting and makes any movement easy


The length is just right and the stretch makes your legs look slimmer! I feel comfortable and shapely while wearing them, and I can wear them with a tunic like leggings for everyday wear, not just for fitness.

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M size / Waist circumference 58-75cm / Hip circumference 80-100cm / Rise 21cm / Inseam 72 or 76cm / Hem width 23cm / Japanese size 7-11 /
L size/Waist circumference 60-80cm/Hip circumference 82-105cm/Rise 22cm/Inseam 72cm/Hem width 23.5cm/Japan size 11-13/

■The above sizes are flat sizes.

90% cotton, 10% polyurethane

Thickness: ★★★★☆
Transparency: None
Elasticity: Yes
Lining: None
Pocket: None

This product is dyed using a special method. In the unlikely event that the color may fade, we recommend washing separately from other clothes for the first 1-2 times.
When cleaning, turn inside out and wash in cold water on low setting in the washing machine.
Avoid using bleach.
Avoid dry cleaning.
This product is made of highly elastic material. Since it stretches when it gets wet, please refrain from using it in sports where you sweat a lot or where there is a risk of getting wet (hot yoga, swimming, etc.). In addition, you may feel stretch when washing. Please be assured that it will return to its original state when it dries.