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[Loopa] Loopa 3D Compression Leggings

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SKU 101100046-001-M
color: black

Loopa 3D Compression Leggings / Compression / Yoga Pants Bottoms M L XL

Pleasant compression 3D compression leggings for beautiful legs and buttocks

These long leggings are so smooth and comfortable, you'll want to wear them all the time. The high-rise design and front panel cover your stomach and waist area. Comfortable compression provides support all the way down to the ankles. The high elasticity creates a tight and toned line. Highly stretchable, these leggings fit your movements and allow you to concentrate on your workout without digging in or rounding at the waist. These leggings are quick-drying and stretchable, making them a versatile item that can be worn for hot yoga, Pilates, and other activities regardless of the occasion.

About the product features

Abundant color variation
Pleasant compression for sports
Quick-drying material for comfortable wear even when sweating
Beautiful line from hip to ankle
Elastic waistband that does not shift even if you move, and sewing with a difference in the front and back to prevent curling
Pockets on the inside of the waist

These leggings have a tightening effect and are comfortable to wear. The elastic waistband prevents the leggings from slipping out of place even when bending down, making them comfortable to wear during poses. The media pocket is convenient for storing locker keys and coins at the gym.

Loopa's Yoga Wear 3D Compression Leggings are the new compression leggings for Fall/Winter 2021 (21FW). The high-waisted sports leggings with beautiful buttocks are also available in large sizes (M, L, and XL). These leggings are easy to use for fitness and have a beautiful leg line in a 9' length. This women's wear can be used not only for online lessons and in-home Pilates, but also for a wide range of running and training. They are petite, breathable, stylish, and can be worn in summer, winter, or any season. We also recommend a wide variety of colors, from basic colors such as black to beautiful colors.

M (equivalent to size 7-11): waist circumference 56 / hip circumference 78 / total length 86 / rise 23 / inseam 63 / width 22
L (equivalent to size 9-13): waist circumference 64 / hip circumference 86 / total length 89 / rise 24 / inseam 64 / width 24
XL (equivalent to size 11-15): waist circumference 72 / hip circumference 94 / total length 92 / rise 25 / inseam 65 / width 26

■The above sizes are flat sizes.
■Because it is made of stretchy material, please consider that it will be about 5-10cm longer than the above size when laid flat.

70% nylon / 30% polyurethane

A feeling of fitting: Tight
Thickness: ★★★☆☆
Transparency: None
Elasticity: yes
Lining: None
Pocket: Yes

[Country of origin] China
When cleaning, turn it inside out and wash it in warm water on the weak setting of the washing machine.
Please avoid tumble drying and dry cleaning.