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[Loopa] Asana Yoga Pants

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color: black

Loopa Asana Yoga Pants / Bottoms M L

The possibilities are endless! Stretch tapered pants with beautiful legs

Same material as the popular "Loopa Harem Pants". These tapered pants are made of a silky, high quality material. The beautiful drape is a key point of the design. The exquisite loose silhouette beautifully covers the thighs and hips. A wide variety of colors are available, from standard monotone to chic adult colors that will be useful for daily use. They can be used not only for sports but also as loungewear and daily wear.

Not as loose as sarouels, not as tight as straights! Exquisite tapered

These tapered pants have a silhouette that falls straight down from the hips to give a beautifully sleek look to the legs. The perfect balance between not too thin and not too thick, with a size that fits a variety of body types. Tapered" design that tapers toward the ankle. The waist and thighs have plenty of room, but somehow the silhouette is exquisite and sleek. Pockets on both sides are a nice feature for everyday use.

Loose-fitting line covers the body shape.

The tapered style also enhances the hip area. The back style is simple for a clean look.

About the product features

Slimming effect for beautiful legs
Covers body shape around the waist and hips
Pockets on both sides for everyday use
Excellent durability that will not lose its shape
Stretch material prevents shifting and makes any movement easy


The drape will cover your belly, which is a concern, and the drape will cover your figure around the hips. The exquisite silhouette will give you an attractive style.

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