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[Loopa] 2.0 Yoga Hair band Squeeze dyed pattern

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color: caramel brown

Loopa 2.0 Hair band Squeeze Dyed Batik Pattern / Headband Free

Eco-conscious hair bands that make use of resources without waste. Eco-conscious hair band

Product Features

Uses leftover fabric from the popular Loopa batik patterned top to make use of resources without wasting them.
Sustainable hair bands that are environmentally friendly
Each pattern is handmade from sewing to dyeing, so the pattern is different from one to another.
Stretchable and comfortable fabric that does not easily slip out of place during sports
Squeeze type that can be changed in width depending on your mood
Quick-drying fabric for easy washing


I sweat a lot during yoga, so I use it wider to prevent sweat from getting into my eyes. It dries quickly after washing, so it is also useful in the summer.

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[Material] Jupiter: 90% rayon, 10% polyurethane
Amethyst: 90% rayon, 10% polyurethane
Apple green: 90% rayon, 10% polyurethane
Blue Curacao: Rayon 90% Polyurethane 10%
Frost blue: 90% rayon, 10% polyurethane
Pistachio Green: Rayon 90%_Polyurethane 10%
Olive: Rayon 90%_Polyurethane 10%
Sapphire Red: Rayon 90%_Polyurethane 10%
Caramel Brown: Rayon 90%_Polyurethane 10%
Dark Shadow: Rayon 90%_Polyurethane 10%
Spiral Gray: Rayon 90%_Polyurethane 10%
Raspberry: Rayon 90%_Polyurethane 10%

[Country of origin] Indonesia
[JAN code]
Jupiter: 4589729349295
Amethyst: 4589729349301
Apple Green: 4589729349318
Blue Curacao: 4589729349325
Frost Blue: 4589729349332
Pistachio Green: 4589729381554
Olive: 4589729383534
Sapphire Red: 4589729383541
Caramel Brown: 4589729383558
Dark Shadow: 4589729383565
Spiral Gray: 4589729383572
Raspberry: 4589729383589

Because it is dyed, we recommend washing it alone at first.