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SALE [LOOPA MASK] Silky Fine Mask Silky Fine Sports Mask

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SKU 106100020-012-XS
color: white

Silky Fine Sports Mask / 1 (single item) LOOPA Made in Japan Water absorbent, quick drying, UV cut, swimwear material XS S MS M L (Kids Kids Kids Junior Adult Large Size)

We accept orders from 1320 yen in total.

Masks ordered by themselves will be shipped by [Mail]. Cash on delivery is not available.

Three-dimensional sewing makes it easy to breathe! Eco-friendly mask made of swimsuit material that can be washed and used repeatedly.

High-performance stretch material made by a Japanese manufacturer. The good fit is apparent the moment you put it on. The fabric has almost no difference in level, so while it gently wraps around the face line, it does not shift easily and leaves almost no gap even when moving. Compared to masks made of washable fabric, it dries quickly, and the UV-cut material provides UV protection. It is also great when used outdoors. Recommended for splash prevention and cough etiquette in crowded gyms, yoga studios, outdoor jogging, walking, student physical education, etc.

Silky Fine Sporty Mask made in Japan with antibacterial and deodorant processing, water absorbing, quick drying, UV cut, stretch material, and no ear pain. Recommended for gym, yoga, jogging, walking, physical education, outdoor play, kids, juniors, and adults with small faces. Sports Mask Mouth Cover Stretch Antimicrobial Tricot Made in Japan Functional material Yoga Mask Running Easy to breathe No pain UV processing UV protection


XS size: total length about 25 cm / mask width 14 cm / height 11 cm
S size: total length about 27cm / mask width 15cm / height 12cm
MS size: total length about 30cm / mask width 16cm / height 13cm
M size: total length about 31 cm / mask width 17 cm / height 14 cm
L size: total length about 33 cm / mask width 18 cm / height 15 cm

■The above sizes are flat sizes.
■Because of super stretch material, there is individual difference of plus or minus 5mm. Please note.

Outer fabric: 82% polyester, 18% polyurethane
Lining: 100% polyester
*The lining color is "black" for black/charcoal/navy, and "white" for other colors.

[Country of origin] Japan


・Be sure to wash before using for the first time.
・Used for cough etiquette, sneezing etiquette, and prevention of droplet infection please give me.
・This product does not completely prevent infection.
・After gently washing your hands with a neutral detergent, adjust the shape and hang to dry.
・Avoid using detergents containing bleach or using a dryer.
・If you are concerned about the break in the fabric, please handle it with scissors.


- Not recommended for strenuous exercise. Exercising with a mask puts a greater strain on the body than without a mask, so refrain from wearing a mask when doing high-intensity exercise such as jogging or running. Please avoid using masks.

・Since the feeling of using a mask varies from person to person depending on their physique, gender, and face shape, the explanation may not apply to everyone.
・There is no cooling sensation function.