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[Loopa] Natural Fit Bra Cups Natural Fit Bra Cups

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Loopa Natural Fit Bra Cups / S M L LL

Ideal bra cups for creating a beautiful bust line

Product Features

Beautiful silhouette bra cups used in the No.1 most popular bra top
Separately sold cups that can be used for washing and your inner wear
Oval shape that gently wraps around the bust for a secure fit
Left, right, and size are marked on the cups, so you can easily find your size
Soft ivory-beige material that is not see-through, even with white fabric

The edges of the cups are soft, so they don't hurt when they hit you. I use it for relaxing wear at home and sports innerwear.

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S size: Width 14.5cm Height 10cm Thickness 0.2cm
M size: Width 15.5cm Height 11.5cm Thickness 0.2cm
L size: Width 17.5cm Height 12.5cm Thickness 0.2cm
XL size: Width 19cm Height 13.5cm Thickness 0.2cm
We recommend that you wash your hands gently or use a laundry net.
When the cup is crushed, the wrinkles will be stretched and recovered by applying steam.