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Eco Wrapping

color: Brown (plain)
★Special Gift Offers★
For orders of 3,300 yen or more in total
Free wrapping

Applicable period: Orders placed between November 11 and December 25, 2022

Please note *.

If you wish to have your order wrapped, please put [desired product] + [wrapping page] in the basket together and make your payment.
If your order is 3300 yen or more, the wrapping fee (270 yen) will be changed to 0 yen.
Please understand that wrapping may not be possible depending on the shape of the package and the size of the product (yoga mats and large products are not acceptable).
When ordering multiple items, please be sure to specify the items to be wrapped in the remarks column.
If you wish to send the gift directly to another person, or if you wish to have a statement sent separately to the person who placed the order, please select the "Separate delivery request" option.

 Please note that yoga mats cannot be used for this eco-friendly wrapping as they are too large. Please understand this in advance.

Easy but very cute simple wrapping.
It can be used for a single item or multiple items.

Approximate size: (H)x(W) 26-38 x 24-35 cm