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30代・40代・50代の大人女性必見!  着痩せヨガウェアご紹介 - Loopa ルーパ 公式 ヨガウェア・フィットネスウェア

A must -see for adult women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s! Introduction of slimy yoga wear

I want to enjoy a stylish yoga wear, but the design that is too cute doesn't suit me, 
Body type compared to when I was youngchange,I don't know what to wear ... I guess many people feel so. 

LOOPAFor yoga wearCover your body firmlyNamedGapShow neatly,ElegantsoAdult cutedesignthere are a lot of. 

So this time30Substitute40Substitute50A must -see for adult women!It has a slimming effectLOOPAIntroducing yoga wear. 


 [LOOPA] 2.0 drawstring tunic T -shirt

Detail isHere → 


For a relaxed silhouetteFrom upper body to hipBody coverIt is an item that matches a wide range of people, regardless of body shape! 
With a tunic length and hem knot design, like a tunic dress or volume tops2wayYou can enjoy a beautiful silhouette 
The design around the wide neck makes the decollete look beautifulSmall face effectThere is a shoulder gathering and French sleeve to make your arm look delicate. Depending on the condition of the browsing, you can wear it like a tunic dress or volume tops. It is a cute piece not only for yoga fitness but also for everyday clothes. 


Yoga tunic

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In good styleCharacters the body line beautifullySlimmingLong tunicTshirt. 
Hide the stomach and hipsByCover body typedeathFrench sleeveByHer armsAppearanceincrease.Smooth touchIt is comfortable to wear,You can concentrate on yoga without worrying about rolling up the waist.。 The back design is cute, so you can enjoy it not only for yoga but also for everyday clothes.

Ashimetical 2way Tshirt

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Asymmetric cut tunic length and hem knot design2wayArrangement where you can enjoy wearingTshirt. If you tie it with a slit, with a cute designCover around the stomachTo do. 
cotton100The gentle touch improves the soft feeling. 
With a wide drop shoulderThe neck and arms are also cleanChart,Wearing effectWill be demonstrated.


Louper Essential Yoga T -shirt

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Even if you sweat, it feels smooth, and yoga and daily are completed.

About the product 

Trendy French sleeve and back tack design are fashionableNamedT shirt. 
It is hard to wrinkle and the gloss continuesElegant material. 
Quick -drying material that continues to feel comfortable even if you sweatorWith the feeling of hiding the buttocksBody coversilhouetteExcellenttopsam.



Daily Yoga Galins

detailIs here


About the product

Leggings with a neat leg length effect. 
There is no feeling of tightening,Smooth texture and soft comfort. 
Women are worriedYPrevents lines from bitingWith design 
It is a leggings with excellent cost performance that focuses on details such as quick -drying materials that continue to feel comfortable even if you sweat.


cotton stretch Yoga pants

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WestIt can be used whether it is stretched or turned back2wayWaistWith designbe on one's mindCover your stomachTo doSemi -flare depicting a gentle curveteethBeautiful legal effectthere is 
To the skinThe outstanding fit that blends in is compatible with intense movementsdoNot only sports but also room wear, innerwearDaily wear and relaxation wearIt is also excellent. Abundant size variationsIt can be selected by people of various body types.


high waist Seven -minute length yoga leggings

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With high waist designI'm hungryCover firmlyWill do it. 
again,Fascinating your feet neatly7LengthsoBeautiful legal effectWill be demonstrated. 
High -performance material with quick drying and elasticityAnd yoga, pilates, training, etc.Supports any movementTo do.Pocket inside the waist that can store keys and coinsIt is attached. 


Arabian pants

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The flare line that spreads slowly from the base of the foot looks matureElegant beauty silhouette wide pantsIt can be used whether it is stretched or turned back2wayWaistdesignso,be on one's mindCover your stomachShitvinegar.Beautiful from any angle, furtherThe silk -like luster and touch create a luxury. 

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