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ぽっちゃりさん・低身長さん必見!体型別おすすめヨガウェア選び方 - Loopa ルーパ 公式 ヨガウェア・フィットネスウェア

Chubby -san, short stature must -see! How to choose yoga wear by body type

This time, we will introduce how to choose yoga wear recommended for chubby and short stages. Please look for a fashionable and cute yoga wear that suits you!


1. How to choose a chubby yoga wear

Body cover

Punipuni on the upper armofThose who want to hide or around the stomachShow neatlysea ​​breamdirection, Those who want to cover the chubby of the upper body and the lower body ...The worries are individual. 
For yoga wearBody shapeCover,And,NeatAppearanceThere are many designs. The place you want to hide is relaxingAndwristAnkle, The part that looks beautiful, such as the neck lineThoroughlyTighten likeWearing styleYou should choose. 
LoopaSoCover your body's problemsLOOSEWe are developing style yoga wear. 

LOOSE Style -LOOPA Lupa Official Yoga Wear Fitness Wear



yogaofclassThen, forward bending, back bending, twistingMany movements such as open legsIsAt the same time, breathing is important MovementDon't hinder and breatheElasticityButAre bettermaterialYou should choose.especiallyAround the chestteeth,The feeling of cramped while fitting moderatelyA comfortable feeling of comfortIs recommended. 



If the fabric is thin, the color will become faint when it stretches, or it will be transparent. 、Even if you buy it, it may be useless immediately. 
Also, in the case of leggings, the crotch may bite and feel embarrassing. 
Let's enjoy yoga without stress by choosing a solid fabric.


2.Chubby -san recommended yoga wear



[LOOPA] V neckdolman Tee


[LOOPA] 2.0 Ashimetorical 2WAY T -shirt Yoga tops


Bottoms edition

[LOOPA] Lupa Asana Yoga Pants ASANA YOGA PANTS




3.How to choose a short stature yoga wear


[LOOPA] Lupa Gather Sports Bralette Bra Top


[LOOPA] Lupa Timetton Short Top

Bottoms edition

[LOOPA] Lupa High West 7 minutes


[LOOPA] Cotton Likura Capriculi Yoga Pants 2 Tone


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