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ヨガ種類別 おすすめLoopaヨガウェア - Loopa ルーパ 公式 ヨガウェア・フィットネスウェア

Recommended by yoga type LOOPA yoga wear

There are many types of yoga, from traditional to new ones. Recommended with the main types of yogaLoopaIntroducing yoga wear.


1.Hata Yoga

Yoga style that is the origin of modern yoga. 
It means "H = Taiyo", "Ta = Moon", and "Yoga = tie", and there is a feeling that it harms conflicting energy. 
While being aware of the breathing technique, he performs Asana, promotes the flow of the inside, and approaches the mental side. 
It is developed at a wide range of levels, from beginners to advanced users. 
We recommend yoga wear that has a good fit that does not hinder movement. 


Recommended yoga wear

[LOOPA] Stretch cotton Yogaggics


2.Relax yoga

Yoga that balances the autonomic nervous system by working on the parasympathetic nervous system, which is dominant when relaxing, and heals mental and physical fatigue. 
In the first half, we perform a gentle asana with a slow flow, and in the second half, deep breathing(Abdominal breathing)Going to relaxing while being aware of. 
We recommend yoga wear that is relaxed with soft fabric. 
Cold bodyIt would be nice to have a cardigan such as a cardigan so that it could not be done. 


Recommended yoga wear

[LOOPA] Rush yoga Tunic



3.Hot yoga / rock yoga

By performing yoga in a high temperature and high humidity room and sweating in large quantities, it has the effect of enhancing metabolism. Recommended for those who are difficult to sweat or seek exercise. 

 Yoga wear has a good fabric that absorbs sweat and has the ability to dry quickly.


Recommended yoga wear

[LOOPA]gather Sports braret Bra top 


4.Aerial yoga

Yoga performed using a hammock. By leaving the body to gravity, the effect of improving posture and adjusting the internal organs is obtained. 
Because yoga wear is upside down,With my head downIndistinguishableGood thing 
Yoga wear with decorations gets stuck in a hammockNG


Recommended yoga wear

[LOOPA] Loupe With a cup camisole


5.Restructive yoga

Using props such as blocks, bolsters, yoga belts, blankets, etc. 
The finest relaxation yoga that rests your body and body by relaxing and relaxing your whole body. 
We recommend yoga wear that is not tightened and relaxed. 
It would be nice to put on something so that your body would not cool down.


Recommended yoga wear 

[LOOPA] 2.0 Saruel Pants 


6.Ashtanga yoga

Traditional school yoga. 
While adjusting to Ujay breathing, the concentration is increased because it performs Asana in a fixed order. It is recommended for people with physical strength because it also has a large amount of exercise and highly difficult asana. 
We recommend yoga wear that does not hinder movement so that you can concentrate on Asana. 
devilIn order to sweat, you should choose a fabric with high sweat -absorbing and quick drying.


Recommended yoga wear

[LOOPA] Natural fit Bra top


7.Shivananda Yoga

Traditional yoga that values ​​spirituality. 
Starting with the sun worship,12Do the kind of asana. 
By putting the rest time (Shaver Sana) before heading between Asana 
Enhance the energy of quiet and balance the spirit. 
Yoga wear prefers modest ones. 
In addition, there are many reversal asana, so it is better to fit your body so that it does not turn up.


Recommended yoga wear

[LOOPA] Yoga tunic


8.Iron Gar Yoga

Correct breathing, alignment and maintenanceBy the way, yoga deepens Asana. 
By using a lot of props, you can easily keep Asana safely and safely. 
Yoga wear so that you can see the fine angles of the joints and how to use the muscles 
The one that fits is recommended.

Recommended yoga wear

[LOOPA] Cotton ricra Capri Yoga Pants 2tone

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