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Relaxed yoga wear that can also be used as loungewear

Comfortable time at home, recommended as loungewearLoopayoga wear that can also be used as loungewear to make you feel comfortable at home.

The yoga wear is made of high quality material, stretchy material for easy movement, and comfortable to wear. You can do fitness at home as is, take online yoga classes, exercise, or enjoy athleisure fashion at home.

Recommended Relaxed Yoga Wear

Tapered yoga pants

These tapered pants are made of a silky, high quality material. The beautiful drape is a key point of the design. The exquisite loose silhouette beautifully covers your thighs and hips. A wide variety of colors are available, from standard monotone to chic adult colors that will be useful for daily use.

Tapered" design that tapers toward the ankle. The waist and thighs have plenty of room, but somehow the silhouette is exquisite and sleek. Can be worn high-waisted or on the hips.OKStable and secure around the abdomenWWide W waist. It is not too tight, so it is comfortable to wear.


2-way yoga pants

Blissful comfort is maintained, and the long waist can be folded back to become a skirt.2WAYspecification.

The waist can be extended to cover the stomach area, or folded back to cover the hips and thighs. The flared silhouette makes your legs look longer and has a beautiful leg effect.

The soft cotton stretch allows for an effortless fit, perfect for days when you want to relax at home.

The excellent fit that conforms snugly to the skin responds well to all kinds of body movements. It also does not hinder you when doing housework.

It is a multifunctional material that keeps you dry and comfortable on the skin, and also has sweat-absorbing and quick-drying functions.


2.0 Shalwar Yoga Pants

These yoga pants are made of a rich, silky fabric with a comfortable fit that enhances your style even during relaxing sessions. These sarouel-style pants feature a beautiful silhouette.

 They are stretchy and easy to move in, so you can relax at home without feeling constricted.

 They are made of the highest quality rayon material that does not fade or fade, so the color will stay beautiful forever even after repeated washing. The high durability is a nice feature.

Front slit tunic Tee

The big silhouette of this top fashionably covers the body shape. This item can also be used as everyday relaxing wear.

This top is designed to cover up women's body shape by eliminating the "arms", "flabby stomach", "pimply buttocks", and "plump inner thighs" that are the main concerns of women.1All of these can be covered with just one piece. It is smooth and comfortable to wear, so it is recommended not only for lessons but also for spending time in your room or going out for a short time.


Relaxed Long Cardigan

This cardigan is perfect for weaving at home on chilly days.

It is also great for when you are relaxing and taking it easy while going to and from the yoga studio. The smooth, soft rayon material is comfortable to the touch.

The loose-fitting silhouette does not pick up the lines of your body, so you can enjoy wearing it fashionably while covering up your figure.


Essential L/S T-shirt

Trendy oversized silhouette with a focus on materials and linesTT-shirt with a trendy oversilhouette.

The long tunic length covers the waist and hips, while the slits allow for ease of movement.

The neck is a basic crew neck. The wide construction also covers the arms, which are a concern. Cotton stretch fabric feels cool, smooth, and pleasant to the touch.

This is a piece that can be used for everyday wear as well.


Key Neck Dress

A T-shirt dress with drop shoulders that can be worn loosely. It covers your waist and hips.

It is recommended for wearing to and from the studio or for everyday use. The deep slits at the front and back allow for unobstructed movement during performance.

 The voluminous silhouette is comfortable without constricting.



How was it? Even if it is loungewear, I want to enjoy fashion, and it is even better if it covers the body shape nicely and feels good against the skin.

s yoga wear is perfect for relaxing at home because it is made of carefully selected materials and silhouettes.

The slightly loose-fitting silhouette of this item is recommended for both daily use and relaxing occasions.

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